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The Power of Experimenting

What can you learn from an experiment and apply to your Clutter Liberation journey?

Dreaming can cause BIG Changes

Dream a little dream, begin to ponder… “what if….” those two little words combined with an action or two could change your environment and bring a new level of joy in your nest.

You Won't Need That Where You are Going!

You can’t carry a representative of everything you have bought, learned, and pursued in life. Learn to travel light through your years. Keep the necessities and some much-loved items. Let the rest go in and out of your space in its rightful rhythm and useful lifecycle. This way you don’t get bogged down with the past and then stuck… physically and mentally.

Decluttering is NOT Organizing

You most likely don’t need an organized nest, you need a decluttered one. Once you have removed items from your nest, organizing simply becomes the art of putting something away!

What Resources now sit in your Pantry?

Items in your home represent resources spent, were they wise and useful purchases? Do you need to disrupt a spending cycle?

Do you know Time like a Friend?

Do you treat Time like a friend or an invited guest that is spoiling the party?

Fear of Regret Can't Be the Stopping Point

You will battle the fear that you may need something that you have let go of. FACT. But is that momentary battle worth stopping the whole process and not finding your CLUTTER LIBERATION?

Letting Go is a Risk

Sometimes the Letting Go has to be taken with a leap of faith, you don’t know what if anything is meant to fill the void. It has been said, Good is the enemy of the Best. Letting go even if it is good is worth the risk to move towards the best!

How Many Hair Spray Cans Do You Own?

What is a sneaky way to accumulate clutter? We all do it in various ways with various products.

It's OK to be a Beginner

Why is it hard to admit we are a beginner at some things? We can grow our skills in areas so much cleaner and easier when we aren’t working on portraying an image of ourselves and working to live up to that image. oh. so. tiring. Give the energy to the process and not the covering up.


Welcome to Nest Feathers. 

I value all things HOME and at the heart of it, I value peace and good flow. Room to be, and room to grow.  That means we have to continually let go of stuff that we've collected and used in due time.  I help you get over the hurdles where you are stuck, with encouragement, wisdom, insight, and action.

I'm your Declutter Coach,
Diane Berkers

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