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"Treasures" from Mom

What treasures did mom leave you? Perhaps, her good china, or her good manners. Her creative streak and maybe her enthusiasm for collecting things? Is it time to let go of any of them?

Appreciate Things without Buying Them

Appreciation without the longing to possess is a beautiful way to not obtain clutter.

Don't Interrupt your Children's' Timeline to Deal with your Clutter

Your passing will be stressful enough for your family, do you want them to grieve and feel the stress of dealing with your belongings too?

It's ok to need help

Donโ€™t let the need to project an โ€œIโ€™ve got it all togetherโ€ image that stops you from reaching out and getting help.

New Seasons always come - Let the Old go

Time to let go of the stuff from the past season and to make space for this new season.

Home, Settling into the new Norm - Working through the emotional stages

Itโ€™s ok to not be dealing with your clutter right now, itโ€™s ok to be working through the shock and trauma of this new normal.


Welcome to Nest Feathers. 

I value all things HOME and at the heart of it, I value peace and good flow. Room to be, and room to grow.  That means we have to continually let go of stuff that we've collected and used in due time.  I help you get over the hurdles where you are stuck, with encouragement, wisdom, insight, and action.

I'm your Declutter Coach,
Diane Berkers

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