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Journal Notes from Me to You Home so much it's not home anymore?

Home so much it's not home anymore?


End of March 2022!  It's been 2 long years since THAT march break, you know the one where kiddos came home from school and then stayed.... 

I have lived, played and worked in my 🏠 home all this time.  So much so that it doesn't feel like home anymore.  We repurposed rooms during this time, moved furniture to fit all the new needs our nest required. Started a backyard makeover last summer and as the snow melts, mud and old building material emerges....  

Can I tell you?

I am done with my nest.

I am fatigued in my nest.

I am uninspired with my nest.

I am unsettled in my nest.

I need to figure out how to settle in and make it home again.  A joyful escape, not the hideout it has been.

Are you tracking with me?  Feeling the same?

So how? How does one find home in their home again?

  1. Acknowledge ACTION is required
  2. Create a PLAN
  3. IMPLEMENT the plan


This is not a "change my mental state" and all will be well. I need to physically create change in order to change the atmosphere in my home and in my own wellbeing.  The kind of action that is more meaningful then a scented candle, hot coffee ☕ and a cozy book nook.  Been there and used that to help navigate the past season.  I need a bit more for this one.

Create a PLAN

Here is what I am doing: my Action - Plan will start with reviewing (& deep cleaning) all my key living areas for function & maintenance needs.

This plan has a two fold purpose - it will set me up to change my atmosphere and it will unclutter my mind of the mental todo's, seeing them organized on paper relieves me of the burden of remembering and gives me a visual of how to revive my love for my nest.

For each room, I am going to look at it as an outsider and see if the details line up with my heart for this space and then what maintenance needs to be done, from simple to major.

Master Bedroom: 

  • deep clean
  • flip mattress
  • new duvet cover
  • review closet clothing - lots have changed in 2 years, I have more of a capsule wardrobe now and can let go... again.
  • review dresser items
  • closet needs renovation: drywall removed, insulated, new drywall, paint, and fittings
  • Doors need to be repainted and hardware fixed

Main Bathroom:

  • reattach the towel hook
  • paint the shelving


  • Time to remove the carpet, would love to strip and paint hmmm what can I do safely while living here with crazy kitties?

You get the idea. 😉

IMPLEMENT the plan

Beware -- this is the spot when good plans come to a screeching halt 🛑. 
(staying parked... ball still at the top of the hill... key unused...)

Not this time!  I am looking for what will release the parking break- what can I do with the most minimal energy and mental capacity from me at this time. 

I am look for something that will create MOMENTEUM that flows past my lack of motivation.

Looking over my lists, 2 simple items pop out

  1. open a drawer and donate what I don't want
  2. re-install that hook in the bathroom

So this morning after making the bed with fresh sheets, I tackled #1, opening my tank top drawer and completing it was easy, so I moved on to 3 more drawers!

That is the power of momenteum 🔥

I then grabbed 3 items out of the closet and removed unneeded items from the dresser top. 

Yes, the atmosphere shifted in our Master bedroom - it felt fresher, even though the most changes happened in a hidden spot.  I will address the other items on my list but not today.

Later this weekend I will fix that hook and see where momentuem will take me.

Finding home in my nest is going to take some time, this is not a quick fix.

I will continue to work the plan, let momentum fuel the path for that day, and know that I will feel at home again-- soon -- room by room.


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