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Journal Notes from Me to You The Power of Experimenting

The Power of Experimenting



Who doesn’t love a fun experiment? One that doesn’t hurt your pocketbook or emotions?

Experiments are a powerful way to learn something about yourself and to test outcomes.

I use a technique with clients called Time Capsuling - really it is a personal experiment to see what it is like to live without something.

I used this technique a lot on my own journey when I hit a wall on something that I really wanted to deal with but my heart and mind were not together on the matter. For me, it was clothes, shoes, and bedding. I reviewed them 3 times before I was able to release them to another person. It was also a great way to see if I could live without CD’s so I put them away and tried a digital service for a while. I realize in 2021 that doesn’t seem relevant but there will always be old technology we will grabble with changing.

What can you experiment with for 30 - 90days? I find 90 days to be a good indicator with most items to see if I can live without it and settle into a new routine.

  • What if you put away some of your daily dishes? Would you have fewer dishes to wash, less glasses to find around the house? Would you enjoy the extra, neater cupboard space?

  • Pens everywhere? Bundle them up and try to live with only a few?

  • Hide half your daily dishes - would you use the same glass throughout the day and have fewer dishes in the sink? Would you appreciate the roomer cupboards?

  • Do you use all your makeup, lotions, and perfumes? Think you do? Hide some and find out.

  • Will you miss any of your jewelry?

  • Wonder if you would enjoy wearing a smaller amount of clothes, less decisions, less laundry?

  • Would you miss all those back issues of magazines on the shelf or in the basket?

I don’t know the outcome, do you?

Try an experiment with yourself, with your family. Ever threaten to put everything in a trash bag? Try it… put most of the toys and stuffed animals away. Lots of your clothing. Actually see what would happen.

You may just be surprised by what you learn from this little experiment. 😀


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