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Journal Notes from Me to You The Lies I Found in my Clutter

The Lies I Found in my Clutter


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To kickstart this new forum, I am starting a little series titled

The Lies I Found in my Clutter 

I did a podcast this week as a guest and went back in time to when I was just starting my declutter journey.  One of the stories I shared was how difficult it was to let go of my performance reviews.  I had worked with a few great bosses that had a flair for words and spoke so much into me in my 20's.  These reviews bolstered me.  

Years later addressing my paper clutter, I come across these.  I struggle with letting them go (let me be clear, this is my struggle and is not a requirement for everyone else's declutter journey) I really felt I needed to let them go now even though they had been a good thing in my life.  I felt they were holding me back.  I had grown and changed immensely and those reviews.  They were a building stone for my identity and now I was allowing them to be an anchor.  

The Lie I found: Secretly I was afraid no one else would see in me what they had... 

The Truth: People may not see what they saw because I have grown and become more.  It was ok to let those old opinions go,  I am that and more now and will continue to be so... 

because...  I now see that in me. 😊

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I value all things HOME and at the heart of it, I value peace and good flow. Room to be, and room to grow.  That means we have to continually let go of stuff that we've collected and used in due time.  I help you get over the hurdles where you are stuck, with encouragement, wisdom, insight, and action.

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