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A one hour investment in a good massage brings a week of bliss.  A one hour investment in your home can have feel-good results for months and years to come!

Please find me the Right thing


"Can you shop for me?  I don't have the time or I am not finding what I am looking for, heck I am not sure what I really need for this space."




Want to avoid the stressful shopping experience and the hassle of potential returns.   We source and purchase product for you according to budget and décor plan.  We deal with the returns that may occur so you don't have to.

In order to proceed, Nest Feathers requires a clear budget for purchases as well as a budget for this Service fee.

This is an Hourly Rate service that usually follows a Can you just come and see. or Refresh my Space Service.  Exceptions can apply though, so feel free to inquire.

Diane Berkers