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A one hour investment in a good massage brings a week of bliss.  A one hour investment in your home can have feel-good results for months and years to come!

Please find me the Right thing


"Can you shop for me?  I don't have the time or I am not finding what I am looking for, heck I am not sure what I really need for this space."




Want to avoid the stressful shopping experience and the hassle of potential returns.   We source and purchase product for you according to budget and d├ęcor plan.  We deal with the returns that may occur so you don't have to.

In order to proceed, Nest Feathers requires a clear budget for purchases as well as a budget for this Service fee.

This is an Hourly Rate service that usually follows a Can you just come and see. or Refresh my Space Service.  Exceptions can apply though, so feel free to inquire.

Diane Berkers