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Your success increases exponentially when you work with a Declutter coach

  • I have years of wisdom and experience in dealing with home clutter, smart home flow & limiting belief systems
  • I am not attached to your stuff
  • I won't make you feel bad, guilty, or ashamed for choosing to keep something you value or choosing to let go of something you do not
  • Letting go is a process and I honour your process
  • All steps big and small are celebrated
  • I help root out the heartstrings that hinder you from letting go, and uncover the lies and or fear.
  • I help you see your truth that will sweep away the lie/fear so that you are freer to release that item
  • When you get over those first couple of stumbling blocks, you will find an ease to tackle the other areas using the insights you received from our sessions.

Lessons for this module 3
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DISCLAIMER: I’m not implying you’ll duplicate the testimonies you will hear or read, I have the benefit of pursuing and practicing Clutter Liberation for years.  Your results will vary and depend on many factors …all Successes require commitment and consistent effort and action on your part.

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