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777 Clutter Hunt

The MONTHLY 777 Clutter Hunt Challenges are designed to help BUST the mental overwhelm that you may be feeling while starting to embark on a Clutter Liberation. 

EVERY month you receive a new hunt, triggered by a daily email with a one-click link to see what your activity is.

You will not be asked to get rid of any emotionally tied items.  

  • 7 Simple objects (no heart connections here)
  • 2 Easy Instructions
  • 7 Daily Victories 
  • 49 items less in your possession at the beginning of the month

You will shift your vision to pick out meaningless Clutter easily AND you will shift your capacity to let go because you will create a habit/rhythm of letting go!

  • No stress
  • Do your best
  • Achieve results

Join the 777 Clutter Hunt where you are ALWAYS a winner 😁!

This is a one-year subscription.  After 12 months you will remain in this product and the Hunts will be repeated and you can go through it again and again. 

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13 Modules

August - Tech

We are dealing with TECH this month.  Easy items you can complete at the beach, in your car, with your coffee.  At your desk and/or on your phone.

September - Hunt and then Decide

We are doing another method of Decluttering - Hunt for all Like and then make Decisions on another day.

October - Cozy stuff

Let's declutter our Cozy stuff and keep what we really love and maybe make room for anything that needs to be refreshed.

November - Holiday Items

Let's declutter our Holiday Decor - You can focus on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hannukah - your choice.

December - on the Vertical

Let's declutter our Holiday Decor - You can focus on Christmas, Thanksgiving, Hannukah - your choice.

February - Looking ON surfaces

Get ready to Clutter Hunt ON surfaces.

March - IN Places

Get ready! We are going IN places to find our clutter this month.

May - Containers

Get ready to Clutter Hunt for Containers - those items that contain air or more clutter!

Modules for this product 13
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