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Subscription Questions

What happens after I play for 12 months? Once you have completed 12 months, you will remain active in the Clutter Hunt (with NO MORE payments) and the content will be repeated.  Play again, you will see your quiz answers from the previous year and can add a new answer based on what you found this time around.  You are Active and will receive the monthly emails until you choose to be removed from this product.

Will the content be the same year after year?  I may make some modifications based on subscriber feedback but overall there will not be any new hunts, I made it generic enough that each time you go through this you should be able to find clutter.

What if I cancel my payment?  No judgments! Just like the physical stuff,  you are not meant to own digital items forever either or clutter your finances with products you no longer need. 😄  You will be removed from the product completely with no further access.  

How do I stop my payments?  Sometimes you just don't want a product anymore and want to stop paying, I review and assess my personal subscriptions all the time - never feel like you are stuck! There are 2 ways, see below.

  • Fill out the Q1 below or
  • Email Nest Feathers  welcome@nestfeathers.ca - please include Cancel 777 Payments in the subject line.  This will stop the payments and remove your access to this product.

I've played for a year, how do I unsubscribe? You have completed your 12 months and no longer want to play. There are 2 ways, see below.

  • Fill out Q2 below or
  • Email Nest Feathers  welcome@nestfeathers.ca - please include Unsubscribe 777 in the subject line. 
    This will remove your access to this product and stop the monthly emails.

General Questions

When is next month's challenge? The challenges open on the 4th Friday of each month except in December when I send it the following week after Christmas.  

Do I have to follow the days?  Nope!  The emails are sent out once a day so you can just do the single hunt for the day.  Once you are here in the Clutter Hunt product you can do all the days at once if you are on a roll.  (but, you will still receive the emails for 7 days because I haven't learned that tech yet) 

How do I mark the task as complete? Fill out the daily question and it will mark your task as complete.

I am busy and didn't do them on the days the emails came out, do I miss out?  The active monthly challenge will remain available open until the week of the next month's release so no worries if life got in the way and you have to switch it up.

Still have a question? Fill it out down below privately in Questions or publicly in Comments.


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