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Journal Notes from Me to You You have Permission to Change

You have Permission to Change


Hmmm, that is something to think about...

Specifically, how much is your Clutter accumulation from thoughts and habits you have had over the years?

Are you collecting items because you have liked something in the past, it became a thing and then the years have marched on?  I am sure you remember the cows, roosters, plates, special dishes, dolls, figurines etc.

If you haven't moved houses in a few decades, completed a major renovation or re-decorating you may be stuck in a few old thoughts about your stuff.

I give you permission to change and let go of old collections.  To reevaluate your home and what you love in it versus what has been unnoticed habits of collection.

How about how you deal with your paperwork?  Have you moved into more digital storage or are you still storing a lot of paper.  I grew up in the 80's where you saved and filed EVERYTHING.  Turns out I actually needed less than 5% of what filed and dragged with me from home to home.

I give you permission to change how you deal with your paper.  To let go of file cabinets and file folders.  To downsize to a binder or digital storage - perhaps just one banker's box with saved tax returns and legal documents.

How about your decor?  Are you so comfortable with it that you don't see it anymore?  Is it a style that is adding to the feeling of clutter in your home?  Borders on the walls? Really patterned curtains and bedding?  Lots of little bits and bobs decorating flat surfaces or walls? How about scatter rugs everywhere?

I give you permission to change the decor of your home.  You can paint the walls a new fresh colour.  You can have walls with nothing on it.  You can gather all the family pictures and put them in one spot for easy viewing and stop them from getting lost with your other decor.  5 years ago now I wanted to paint my home a creamy white.  A massive change from my yellows, browns and greens, my style had always been colourful.  I worked on giving myself permission to switch it up... oh my! It was most freeing to have all creamy white walls, my furniture popped, and my remaining clutter popped which made it easier to further let go of some items. I have never ever missed the previous wall colours!

How about your wardrobe, are you really wearing the same styles (albeit maybe different sizes...) of what you have always worn? or shop at the same stores you have always shopped at?

I give you permission to change some or all of the styles of clothing you wear.  

How about your pantry? Do you buy food and eat a certain way because you always have?  Do you buy in volume because of habit?

I give you permission to change how & what you purchase for meals.  You can buy less,  you don't have to stock up, you can choose different foods.  You can choose items that make your life easier when needed.  I was blessed to grow up with a stay-at-home mom that was a whiz in the kitchen, it was a treat to us to eat mac & cheese from a box.  I implemented that in my home and made everything I could from scratch but I carried the weight of "I should" be doing this. Sometimes it is just as right & lovely to buy the cake or premade lasagna or jar of jam.  You can go the opposite too, and switch from a lot of premade items to some easy fresh recipes.

Clutter comes in physical and mental forms.  You have permission to change your likes and dislikes -- habits and choices -- buying patterns and storage patterns -- hobbies and dreams. 

You are allowed to be different from how you or others have always known you. 😊

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