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A Rest in the Nest


Dear friend,

I am so sorry for the silence of this year.

In 2022 I found a lump...

Fast forward to April of this year and we are discussing the options to remove the cancer that was found in a whole different lump.

In May I had a field trip through various departments of the Stratford Hospital, instead of sipping my first coffee of the day I was watching on a monitor, a nuclear nugget making its way to my sentinel lymph node.  We visited a few more areas before they removed all that was deemed wise.  I was home before my son was out of school.

A week ago I received the news that I am cancer free, it was captured early and was not in my lymph nodes.  However, due to the type it was, they are discussing a course of Chemo, followed by the Radiation.

I am not sure what my journey looks like in the coming weeks and months.  I have been told repeatedly, 9 months.   9 months and I will be past this...  it is not lost on me that I grew a beautiful human being in 9 months.  I believe at the end of this season I will again have grown something beautiful.

I am on yet another declutter journey, a deeper one.  Over the coming weeks, I will be sharing in the podcast;

  • the clutter I am finding and releasing
  • the joy notes I am collecting
  • and anything else that may come to mind

(* Update: November 2023, I did not do any podcasting on the subject.  I am processing and sharing it to a small group at the moment and will release more in the months ahead)

I have mentioned here and there, I am a woman of faith, and even before I found the lump, God had been whispering in my times of journalling (repeatedly) that I was going to be completely healed .. of what I was not sure at that time.   But when I learned this news I was bathed in complete peace that I could not have conjured up.   I will be sharing more about my daily life with God since it is sustaining me through this season and has kept fear at bay.

Join the newsletter for updates or subscribe to the podcast on your favourite listening forum.  You will be able to comment in the private community here on this site.  -- I am just less and less of a Facebook gal right now.  

With Stupendous JOY,

p.s. It's PEONY season!!!   One of my great joys this week is burying my nose in the soft cool petals and breathing in their wonderful scent!  Happy Peony Month!


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Welcome to Nest Feathers. 

I value all things HOME and at the heart of it, I value peace and good flow. Room to be, and room to grow.  That means we have to continually let go of stuff that we've collected and used in due time.  I help you get over the hurdles where you are stuck, with encouragement, wisdom, insight, and action.

I'm your Declutter Coach,
Diane Berkers

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