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Journal Notes from Me to You Harnessing the POWER of the Container

Harnessing the POWER of the Container


5.5 minute read/listen (unless you speed it up 😉)

Hey Friend,

Last week, I skimmed a great video about the proper function of a container -( rabbit trailed there, not sure how to return...)

Basically, we/I need a mindset shift in how we are viewing containers - yes they are a huge fad right now in the organizing world, yes I believe they have become the next form of "acceptable" clutter and we even go as far as buying MORE items to actually fill them out like an art piece. 🙄

If you have been following me at all you will know that I advocate for a CLUTTER LIBERATION, not a clutter organization.  Learn to let go of enough stuff so that you can simply put items away.

Having stated that though, containers certainly have their place in that process. 

But are you using them correctly and harnessing their power in your clutter liberation journey?

So here is the mindset shift -- are you ready for it.....

Your Container is YOUR allowed BOUNDARIES for what you choose to contain in it
🤔 Not following? Here are some examples:

  1. You have a bookcase - the role of this bookcase is to contain books if you optimized the function of the bookcase you would say all my books go here, this is the space I have allocated in my house to contain books.  The books live within the boundaries of this bookcase only.
  2. Dresser - my socks live in 1 drawer of my dresser - that is the only space I will store socks - that is the boundary my socks live within when not in use or in the laundry.
  3. Pen Holder - We have two places pens live (aside from work/school bags) - in the cup in the office and in the box in the kitchen - these are the containers allocated for writing utensils.

Now - what do you do when you find books spreading all over the house?  Is your first thought - I need ANOTHER bookcase?  How about when your socks have multiplied - do you think to add another sock drawer?  And finally your pens- the containers are chock full - what would be your first tendency to remedy the situation?

Honestly, I would lean towards another bookcase, get rid of some socks and find bigger or more pen containers!  How about you?

(My socks are the only example that I would firmly adhere to the boundary of the current container go figure?!)

So now with the above example if I used the bookcase as my boundary I will need to pause and do a quick review of the items currently within it and make some decisions so I could have new books in there.

That PAUSE and honouring of the bookcase "container" as the boundary YOU HAVE CHOSEN for your books will:

  • save you ⌚ &  $$ (you are not searching for ANOTHER container)
  • keep you on your clutter liberation path
  • give you freedom to still enjoy new items
  • allow you to give away older items while they are still useful and enjoyable to someone else
  • make your storage and retrieval of books quick and easy because you know where to find them

Even though you may feel an OUCH when you shift to thinking that your container is a boundary - you hold the power 💪!

You CHOOSE the size of the container that feels appropriate to you. - Love clothes - you can have the bigger closet  or extra dresser.  Just honour the decision and don't keep expanding the boundaries - REMEMBER your goal -- live clutter-free.

YOU decide what you value and how much room you will allow in your nest for it to live, then live within those boundaries to you can have a clutter free home.

Remember your house is a container, your bedroom is a container, your dresser is a container, and your dresser drawer is a container.  Honour your boundaries, allow them to be a happy healthy tool on your Clutter Liberation Journey.

Don't you love the boundary lines in a parking lot?  You know your car will safely fit there, you will be able to enter and exit the space with ease and you won't have car obstacles on the sides of the road to navigate around on your way to and from the store.

Boundaries are a beautiful way to give you freedom.  Clear boundaries are good for you and for others.  If you feel an OUCH at the thought of that and are afraid it will take away some freedoms - contempt how living with your full freedoms impacted your nest and where you are with clutter today.

(here are more thoughts from the podcast - Joy in the Nest)

Want other great small sustainable steps you can incorporate: Go on a monthly guided Clutter Hunt and see items that have been hiding from you in plain sight, or learn Why You Buy so that you stop clutter before it comes into your home.

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