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Clutter Exodus Workshops

Go from Burdened to Brightened!

Living an uncluttered life is possible!

It doesn't have to be a project.

Learn and get Inspired in this 4-week Clutter Exodus Workshop

Scrolling or bingeing to escape the stress of your clutter?

You can have the motivation to achieve the home that's fresh, spacious, and a peaceful haven!

  • With gentle First Steps to move past the Overwhelm 
  • Understanding and Untying the Heart Strings that makes letting go so stressful
  • Tools to Live a Clutter free lifestyle, regardless of your personality type

Join Me @ Good Vibrations Rock Shop in the Market Square in Stratford,  Ontario

Next 4-Week Workshop Series Starts:


July 17 - August 7th

7pm - 9 pm

Envision your home being pleasurable, not demanding to be “put in order” every weekend

  • Your counters are tidy, the kitchen table is inviting
  • The clothes in your closet are ones you love & wear and the doors close nicely
  • There is room in your cupboards for your favourite mugs with space to spare
  • You don’t think about having to “organize your home” you just put things away
  • Dusting the living room was a breeze, you did it while the coffee was brewing.

"It's been motivating me to step it up on my 'Declutter Journey'.  It was eye-opening to hear about the heartstrings that have kept me tied to sentimental items from my mom or sister who has passed away."
-Grace, Stratford ON

"We don't need all "our treasures" This course made me realize I do not need all my clothes, pictures, books and papers. Diane gave me the incentive to get my house decluttered."
- Pat, Stratford ON

"This workshop is a step-by-step how to declutter without feeling guilty.   I like the phrase 'I live a life of clutter liberation' I loved having the list to follow to assist in my clearing.  I loved the 4 weeks so I could complete gradually.  Diane, you are excellent at what you do!"
- Marlene, Stratford ON

Your Intimate Clutter Exodus Workshop


Flee your Clutter Captivity and come into your Clutter Liberation

How Does it Work?

  1. Join me for 120 minutes, once a week for 4 weeks.  
  2. In each session, I will give a lesson, hear your stories, have discussions and provide easily doable action items for the week.
  3. It's a time to get motivated, and get help with the areas you find yourself stuck in.

Wisdom & Hope

Weekly Lesson & Discussion

  • Learn how to start
  • Remember the expectations your stuff came with so you can challenge its value
  • Recognize & gently cut the heartstrings that keep you attached
  • Re-experience the enjoyment of items you do own

Private Community

 Create Your Community

  • Spend time with local like-minded folks that are on the same journey
  • Share your stories, surprises and victories

Productive Tasks

Uncomplicated To Do's

  • I will lead you to take the first easy steps
  • Give you prompts to find Clutter in the unexpected places
  • Help you create personal solutions so you can stay free

Debating if this is for you?

You're ready NOW if you...

  • want a gentle start to your declutter journey
  • desire to get past the overwhelm
  • ready to make a real difference in your home
  • willing to move past the “I might need it” stage
  • want this to be sustainable

You may not be ready if you...

  • expect to declutter on a weekend
  • are not ready to put your “Buts” in the backseat
  • reluctant to make some habit tweaks
  • hesitant to let go of anything yet
  • opposed to throwing some things away

There's hope! Diane

Hi! I'm Diane Berkers

I'm the owner of Nest Feathers, a Clutter Liberation Coach. I can be found online at and on my weekly bite-size podcast called Joy In the Nest.

I have a dual passion for how the roles decluttering and a smooth-flowing environment play in our lives. I have walked a very personal clutter liberation sparked by a tumultuous time in my marriage - evaluating 40+ years of paper, hobby supplies, unfinished projects, and wrong belief systems. The journey caused a pivot in my marriage, my life and ultimately my once decorating-focused business.

I offer valuable insight into the roots of why we buy, hold on to our possessions, and how to increase our capacity to release them in a timely manner. 

My authenticity and compassion for women stuck and ashamed of their clutter are like a warm hug.  I bring relief and breakthrough!  -- Absolutely there is hope!! --


I've decluttered before but I still end up here, how is this different?

Decluttering a space once does not mean it is sustainable. Learning why you buy & why you keep things is key to learning to live intentionally with the things you own.  Awareness allows you to recognize potential clutter before you buy. Knowledge lets you know when and how to let go of items that no longer meet your expectations or are needed in this season of life.  Tweaks to your habits make living clutter free sustainable.

Do I have to bring anything?

Nope, I will have the handouts printed and cold beverages available.

What is your Refund Policy?

Fully Refundable up until midnight of the first session day.  Just reply to any of my emails with your refund request.

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