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Why am I Buying? Bingo

Struggling with a little too much stuff in your Nest?

Most of our Clutter originates in our shopping carts and our conscious & unconscious buying triggers

Let's attack our Clutter at the beginning of its life cycle and make improvements from this point on.

Why am I Buying? Bingo! is a fun tool to help you start being aware of your thoughts and emotions at the time of seeing, wanting, and putting items in your cart.

Harness the 💥SUPERPOWER💥 of being Aware
of Your Whys!

Here are your Benefits:

  • Benefit 1: Once you become aware of something it is pretty hard to become unaware -- once you know, you can't un-know
  • Benefit 2: Your WHY will reveal truths that will bring Freedom in multiple areas
  • Benefit 3: You get to Explore new options to fulfill the present need and avoid unnecessary clutter
  • Benefit 4: Allowing this to become your Superpower habit will enable your purchases to serve you not control you on your journey to a Clutter Liberation.

Use your WHYS to become WISE!

How to Win:

Cover 2 Complete Rows of 5

You can have any combination of rows - Up & Down, Across or Diagonally

Pick your Prize:

Ready? Click I Want to Play!  

This is version 1.0 - I would ❤️ all your feedback. (including any goofs on my part)

Want to know some of my Whys that I uncovered? Read this Note from my Journal: There is no shame in knowing your Whys

Listen to a mini podcast on this: 

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