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Oh my Wardrobe


I have been putting it out there since my Facebook and Instagram 30 day Clutter Hunt ended, that my next Clutter Liberation Challenge is going to be the closet.

Well, Christmas celebrations overlapped with this year's nasty flu which in turn ran well well into January and the deep freeze here in Stratford, Ontario Canada.  At the same time my husband and I started new mini adventures each; that had/have learning curves that required good graces with ourselves and each other!  

In truth, January saw me wearing all my clothes, the good, old and ugly in an attempt to stay warm, my brain cells hid in a back corner while my body fought for sleep without coughing and then only regrouped enough to get me through the early days of my mini adventure.

Given all that though, I have had time to ponder where I am in life and what I want out of my wardrobe according to my values of living with less.

So here are some of my thoughts and values that will help my guide my wardrobe choices as we venture into this new challenge.  

  • My 40's body does not fit well into my still stuck in my 20's shopping vision and that is a serious part of my shopping depressions.  I need to change what I shop for and the stores I shop at.  
  • The size tag is just a guideline to help me find something that fits me quicker, it is NOT my self worth. 
  • I no longer look good in black, colour makes me happy and others notice it too.  However navy makes a great staple for me, it is softer.
  • Saving money means nothing if the garment is cheaply made, slowly twists to the left , shrinks, stretches out with wear, only goes back to it's shape if I put it in the dryer, or is only good for sleeping in after 2 washes. 
  • I would rather have 1 item of good quality that makes me feel great then 7 items that cost less that I just make do with.
  • I am good with wearing the same items more than once throughout the week especially if I feel great in them. 
  • I love scarves as an accessory and I am fine with minimal jewellery choices.
  • I value nice footwear, I strongly suspect it is because the size does not fluctuate quite the same as my waistline.
  • I like classic shapes and straight lines, minimal gathers, ZERO cut outs and I love natural fibres especially in the summer months.

We are starting the challenge later this week, so mull over what drives your clothing choices at the store and when you get dressed in the morning.  It may be 2 different thought patterns that don't line up.  Do you hitch things up and tug things down all day?  Do you settle for stuff to fill the basic need or have too much stuff because shopping filled a void? 

We want to declutter our wardrobe to reclaim space, reduce the laundry routine of sorting, folding and putting away.  We want to learn to buy smarter for us, have less wardrobe changes on critical days (I changed 3 times before an event this week and it did nothing to improve my disposition before leaving the house... that sucked!!) and most of all we want to feel great in our skin, which has to be covered in clothes most of the time.