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Closet Clutter Liberation Challenge: Pants


You have 4 days to complete this challenge,

Get your donate bags/baskets out and visible

Pick a spot you are going to do this, like the guest room so you have time to deliberate. 

Find all your pants. Take them off the hangers, out of the drawers, from the laundry.

Sort them into piles that make sense to you. Here are my sorts.

  1. Dress pants
  2. Jeans
  3. Summer pants
  4. Track pants
  5. Workout pants


Pare down at least 1 for every 3 you keep.  Be intentional to downsize to what you will cycle through in about a month.  You know your lifestyle better than I do so I won't throw out a magic number.

Hugo in the midst of my initial sort piles, always happy to hang out where a body is.

Hugo in the midst of my initial sort piles, always happy to hang out where a body is.

1st Pass:

Donate all the ones that do not fit – DO NOT overthink it and add your “maybe I will fit into them one day” thoughts

Throw out all the ones with unwanted holes, tears, missing buttons and stains.   Great so now all you have is what fits.

Beginning piles, found a couple of more and added them after.

Beginning piles, found a couple of more and added them after.

2nd Pass:

Do they make you feel good?  Do you forget you are even wearing them?  Really, will you wear them? If not then add them to the donate bag.

If you are absolutely in doubt, TIME CAPSULE them. That means put them in a tote and store them away from your clothes and be intentional to look at them 6 months from now.  

Wear the ones you love MORE rather then worrying about having enough.  Wear them so much you wear them out!  

Remove the stress of "one day I will fit back into that".  -- Move on --- Stop having a visual of the lie that you are not measuring up due to your size!!  -- Feel good in the skin you have today, that is a better motivator for change.

Here were my numbers, I will admit I was surprised at how much I did have but I did just buy 4 on the weekend after a 5 year dry spell:

  • Jeans  Originally 7, Keep 3, Debate 1, Donate 3
  • Not Jeans - Originally 6, Keep 3, Repair 2, Donate 1
  • Summer Pants - Originally 5, Keep 4, Donate 1
  • Around the house Tracks - Originally 5, Keep 5 * 3 still up for review
  • Dress Pants - Originally 4, Keep 3, Donate 1
  • Various Workout bottoms - Originally 6, Keep 5, Donate 1


  • Original Total: 33
  • Keep: 23 (of these 9 are Summer specific & Workout)
  • Donate 7
  • Debate/Repair 3

I may be more ruthless with my Around the house Tracks now that I have discovered jeggings - so I put 3 pairs on the dresser for the next couple of days.  Overall I am comfortable with this number and am confident that what I have kept will get worn and not left to languish in the drawer until my next purge.

What are your numbers? A little shocked?  Are you comfortable with what you arrived at?