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Closet Clutter Liberation Challenge: Nightwear


It's Monday and I wanted to go a little easy for this challenge since I am sure digging into the week has enough of it's own obstacles.

So let me just say you will not see personal pics for this one. 

How many of you thought before you got married that there are certain ways that you would never imagine letting your spouse see you.

I sighed in embarrassment at some of the nightwear I pulled out of the drawer.  

Seriously how did I let it get this way?  Oh yes pregnancy, body changes, lack of sleep, complacency, other priorities, comfort, lack of quality in frequented stores to name a few.

Let's cover pj's, housecoats and slippers.



Pare down to pretty, wearable nightwear that gets worn.  Stuff that won't embarrass if the doorbell rang early on a Saturday morning.


1st pass:

Toss anything ripped, stained and ugly.  Donate or Toss anything too small.

Determine your preferences and style.  I love long nightgowns in this drafty old house and don't have an issue sleeping in them.  Pants and shorts and anything with sleeves are not comfortable for me. 


2nd Pass:

Let go anything left that doesn't fall in line with your preference or style

As part of liberating your closet you may identify some needs, keep track of them and when the impulse/opportunity to purchase something comes, make sure it is a good purchase of quality and value and is something you need.

Here are my Nightwear numbers:

  • Toss: 3
  • Donate: 6 
  • Keep: 4 nightgowns however 2 of these need to go due to UGLY factor, I will happily toss them when I have a nicer replacements.  which is now on my list.  Overall 4 is a good number for me 2 for each season.

Housecoat:  1  I have one decent housecoat, old but in great shape and a colour I love so that will do.  I also put the other one I had but didn't really wear in the guest room.

Slippers: 1   Oh my gosh I have had a love affair with slippers my whole life.  They signal comfort and peace to me.  I grew up in drafty houses undergoing renovation so I have tried many over the years.  Last year I up to 3 ratty pairs and my husband noted that they were at the end of their life cycle (you know it's bad when your husband speaks up..).   I had on my wish list for a couple of years, felted wool slippers, not a cheapo, "these will do pair" pair so I had been reigning my impulse to replace said ratty slippers for quite some time.  With some Christmas money, I was able to splurge on these beautiful wool slippers called glerups  (, also available locally at Wuerth Shoes)

What makes these sooo special aside from their breathable warmth, is that they do not take on foot odour. I have worn my every day except some summer days and they have zero odour.  You have to wear them with bare feet which took some getting used to but I am completely smitten and can't imagine going back to any other kind.  They fit tight to your feet and are not sloppy which is nice running up and down the stairs.

So were you surprised at what was in your nightwear drawer?  How good did it feel to let some of it go?