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Dare to reach out.  Talk to someone about your clutter or decorating questions.                           Call or Text: 519 276 2443


I know it can be intimidating talking to someone about your stuff, your home.  It is an intimate space and reveals a lot about you. 

To put you at ease I am just a human living on this planet like you.  I juggle life, my own dreams, 3 different personalities plus 2 cats and a hamster in my space.

My home is where I live, where I wash the dirty laundry and dishes, entertain friends (sometimes hold a workshop or two), clean up cat barf, run a business out of and make memories in. 

I strive to make it a place of comfort, peace and uncluttered hominess for my family members and our friends.

Shoot me an email, I am sure your questions have answers and that I can provide improvements in your space.