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About Nest Feathers

How did a childhood of drywall dust and dreams, years spent deep in code and warehouse management, converge into this declutter & decorating business?

It all started when:

My mother allowed me to turn my closet into a nursery while awaiting the arrival of my cabbage patch doll Virginia Jolie... grin ... just kidding!

Hi, I'm Diane Berkers, owner of Nest Feathers.  I am declutter convert and die hard home enhancer.

October of 2010, was when I first hung out the Nest Feathers shingle.    It began as a simple painting and decorating business.  As I gathered wonderful experiences under my belt it has grown with the addition of decluttering services and declutter workshops. 

I have always been decorating.  Tweaking rooms for myself and dear friends.  I grew up in a renovation-happy family, we moved a lot and lived in the houses as we gave them new life.

My early career days were spent programming systems, managing people and inventory. I loved process improvement and ensuring product flow in the warehouse of a beloved Canadian brand was efficient for both the company and the employees. 

When I fell in love, got married and started a family, we moved to a new city, Stratford.  My dreams in life changed and I wanted to be close to home, more flexible for my new life demands. My professional experiences and a natural talent for decorating made the decision to launch out with Nest Feathers easier for me.

Meanwhile along side this new life path, I was brought face to face with my personal problem of accumulated clutter.  It was adding stress to my life and my marriage.  There became less and less room for my family members to function in who they were meant to be and I was subtly trapped in past passions and unfinished projects. 

I started my personal declutter journey to honour my husband but continued on because of the freedom I was experiencing.

Funny enough,  I had been in business for a couple of years and found a lot of my clients suffering from too much accumulation of the past as well!  They needed help and support in this area before we could embark on a decorating project and so I shared my personal solutions and became their support.

Since then Nest Feathers has been evolving and changing with each client. I so love seeing the freedom that comes from a declutter workshop,  and the joy of a project design that delights a client.

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Nest Feathers speaks of the love and comfort that a home brings.  Sometimes that means tossing old stale feathers and/or adding fresh new ones.  The Nest is meant for all family members and leaves room for growth. 

~Diane berkers